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    Wuyue Down Series is a professional manufacturer and supplier of water-washed down and feather products of various specifications for a long time. It provides raw materials with professional quality to producers and foreign trade units of down clothing, down bed products and furniture cushion sofas. It has the right of self-import and export. Our factory was established in 1990 and has been in the past 30 years. We have professional technical strength and rich production experience in down processing. We have established a technology research and development center and a professional testing laboratory to ensure the overall quality of products from raw materials, production and testing. So far, we are willing to develop business with customers at home and abroad with high quality products and affordable prices.

    Located in Chaoshan Plain, Guangdong Province, the Hanjiang River Basin to Chaozhou go to sea through Shantou. The rivers are lengthwise, the water source is abundant and the products are abundant. The down produced locally is larger and glossy. Especially the "lion-headed goose" (grey goose), the goose body weight is 5-10 kg, the quality of grey goose down is better, and the fluffy degree is higher.

    Our company is a member of China Down Industry Association and a demonstration base of Down Production of Chaozhou Agricultural Bureau. Our company's down products and production process have been broadcasted in seven CCTV interview programs. The quality of down and feather is produced in accordance with the national garment quality supervision and experience center (Guangzhou) standard. If you have special specifications, please discuss them. The quantity is unlimited. Welcome to inquire, and can provide the test report of the authoritative inspection institutions in China. Notice.

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