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    Characteristic craftsmanship

    Wuyue Down in line with the pursuit of natural, ecological and environmental protection and high quality, developed and patented the environmental protection enzyme cleaner for cleaning down/feather; all down/feather enterprises through the cleaning of this cleaner, removal of strange odor has a wonderful effect, cleanliness, fluffy degree and sterilization have reached a record high, breaking the industry. The tradition of cleaning with purified chemical detergents greatly reduces chemical residues, thus protecting the protein fibers contained in down/feather, making the feather/feather more natural, more environmentally friendly, warmer and longer storage time.

    Down is a pure natural product with good fluffiness, flexibility, warmth retention and stability. To maintain the above characteristics, Wuyue Down Processing Equipment adopts advanced and sophisticated machines at home and abroad. Workers have at least three years of mature experience. Every down processing procedure, such as wool separation and wool selection, high temperature and durability, has been strictly audited, and all down has been strictly tested. All the above efforts are aimed at maintaining its natural properties. Never use plucking down in vivo or gray whitening to destroy the natural nature of plumage.

    Feather/feather environmental enzyme cleaner is a cleaner for feather/feather cleaning, which is prepared from the raw liquor of environmental enzyme.

    What is environmentally friendly fermentation liquid? What's the wonder of it?

    A. Environmentally friendly enzymatic raw liquor: It is a liquid produced by mixing sugar, water, plant and seed with cleaning function, such as: harmless seeds of saponin horn peel, tea withered, etc. after fermentation for one month and anaerobic for more than three months. It is a natural air freshener. It can inhibit the activities of spoilage bacteria of harmful microorganisms and pathogens and promote plant growth.

    B. The functions of environmental enzymes are decomposition, transformation, recombination and catalysis. For sewage degradation and purification, diluted enzymes can remove odors, fungi, dirt, dirt, grease, etc. can remove pet body odor, reduce parasite growth; can also remove unpleasant odor in a short time; in addition, in crops and animal husbandry can also play a fairly good role.

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